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Safe Installation NYC

In the interest of protecting your valuable items and personal belongings, SOS Locksmith offers home safe installation for Manhattan residence. Our vast selection of safes includes some of the top brands in the industry including Gardall, Amsec and Perma Vault.

Our trained technicians can determine the appropriate safe model for your residence. Our staff can install wall safes, jewelry safes, high-security safes and gun safes. Some safes can be simply placed in a specific area of your home, while others can be mounted and installed within a wall. Wall safes can either be recess mounted or flush mounted in a wall, providing you the option of being able to conceal your safe, so that it is hidden from view for extra protection.

For wall safe installation, our staff will make the appropriate cutting in your wall and make sure the safe snugly fits into its designated placement. After installation we make sure that the safe is properly secured. In addition, we can also install floor safes, bolting the safes securely to the floor to make sure that they cannot be moved or stolen. Based on request, our installation can also include fire proofing, dust and water proofing and impact resistance. For more information on the safe installation process contact us today.


For all safe installation SOS Locksmith provides:

•Variety of high-quality safe from Gardall brands to Amsec

•Swift and Efficient Safe installation in NYC by trained technicians

•We carry many types of safes including jewelry safes, high-security safes, depository safes and gun safes

•Combination or electronic key pads safes

•Durable, efficient safes that remain effective in preventing attempted burglary

•Apartment and Home Safe installation

•Maintenance after installation and repair

•A+ Member of Better Business Bureau (BBB)

•Fully Licensed, Insured and Boned Services Locksmith Company

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Safe Installation NYC