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Residential Locksmith NYC

In servicing residential communities in the New York City area, SOS Locksmith provides locksmith services to bolster security in your home whether it's a house, condo, co-op or brownstone in NY. Our expertly trained and professional locksmith technicians are proficient in all aspects of sales, installation, service and repair, and will ensure that your experience with our locksmith company is beneficial. Our services for residential clients include 24/7 emergency locksmith service, lock re-keying, lock installation, lock replacement, key duplication, lockout services, intercom installation, and safe installation.


24/7 Emergency Locksmith NYC

For NYC residents our company offers 24/7 emergency locksmith services in Manhattan and NY Tri-State area. In the event of a lockout or other emergency situation, our professional team is adept at resolving any possible complication in a swift and efficient manner. Our staff is available to respond to your emergencies and will assist you whether you require emergency lockout services, re-keying, or key duplication services.


Lock Re-keying

Our locksmith company provides lock re-keying services in NYC. Lock re-keying is the sophisticated and specialized process through which the interior tumblers of a lock are restructured into a different shape or size, rendering any current key sets incapable of access. Rather than replacing entire latch systems when keys are misplaced or lost, re-keying is a more efficient form of protection, preventing and regulating any unwarranted entry, and alleviating any anxiety associated with misplacing keys.


Lock Installation NYC

We provide lock installation services in Manhattan. The necessity of an effective lock is determined by the general need for security and protection, and our professional staff provides basic lock installation services with high-quality and durable lock products. Our installation services range from front door, bedroom, bathroom, windows, garage and more, and we are proud to carry Medeco and Mul-T-Lock, the most prestigious and accomplished security service providers in the United States.


Lock Replacement

For NYC residents our company offers lock replacement services in Manhattan. Sometimes keys break in locks, locks can become old and degraded, or a simple upgrade is required in order to bolster any security concerns. In these instances lock replacement is required; a process by which the current lock system is taken out and substituted for a more effective lock. Whether you require front door lock replacement, garage, bathroom, bedroom or window, our professional staff can replace your damaged or outdated lock equipment and install a new more productive system.


Key Duplication

Our company provides key duplication services in NYC. In the event of a lockout it is of great benefit to possess multiple sets of keys in order to avoid depending on emergency lockout services. Key duplication is the specialized process through which exact replicas of your current key sets are made in order to access the same locks and doors throughout your residence. The three step process involving identification, template selection and replication is done by our trained technicians, in a thorough and engaged process for durable keys.


Lockout Services

SOS Locksmith offers lockout services in Manhattan. In the event that your find yourself locked out of your residence, our company offers lockout services as part of our 24/7 emergency response. Upon receiving your call, our professional staff will arrive at your residential location as quickly as possible. Through a process of lock bumping and other specialized methods we will proceed to open you lock with minimal damage to your locks integrity.


Intercom Installation

For NYC residents our company offers intercom installation services in Manhattan. Our professional staff can install and help you operate a variety of intercom systems designed to help improved home security. In addition to the master station, which regulates the operation of the entire intercom system, we install the various substations that the master station will control. These can be strictly indoor substations or if necessary outdoor substations can be used as well. Depending on the presence of existing wiring, wireless intercom installation can be provided.

Safe Installation

For NYC residents our company offers safe installation services in Manhattan. In the interest of protecting your valuable items and preserving their integrity, we offer state of the art safe systems. Our staff is prepared to install wall safes, jewelry safes, high-security safes and gun safes with our vast selection of Gardall and Amsec safe products ranging from combination safes to electronic key pads.


Iron Work

Our company provides iron work services in NYC. If you require stair rails, security gates and custom doors in order to bolster your residential security concerns we provide installation, service and maintenance for our high grade iron work service.


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