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Iron Work

Ironwork Railing

Ironwork Railing

NYC FD approved escape Gate: NYPG / SBG Fire Egress Gate

Fire Exit Ironwork

Fire Exit Ironwork

Window Security Ironwork

Window Security Ironwork

Custom/Standard Deigner Front Door Ironwork Custom/Standard Designer Front Door Ironwork AC Window Ironwork AC Window Ironwork Roll-Up Gates

Roll-Up Gates

Partial Window Ironwork Gate

Partial Window Ironwork Gate

Store Entrance Ironwork Gate

Store Entrance Ironwork Gate

Tree Guard Ironwork

Tree Guard Ironwork

From custom designed ironwork to standard gates and grills, SOS Locksmith in NYC will handle any ironwork project for residential, commercial and institutional clients in the Manhattan area.

SOS Locksmith Corp. sells and installs custom fire escape gates approved by the NYC fire department, as well as window gates with A/C compartments. We also offer stair rails, security gates and doors and so much more. No project is too big or too small, and we will be more than happy to customize any style or design to meet your specific needs. For the smallest of window gates to the grandest of stair rails - when you need ironwork in NYC, choose SOS Locksmith Corp.

Custom Ironwork Railings:

SOS Locksmith installs railings for both your indoor and outdoor staircases. Our custom railings can be fitted to accommodate any design or structural requirements for homes and offices, and feature durable metal products.

  • Security Ironwork Gates:

Security gates are gates that can be installed to provide protection for your home, apartment or business location. Our iron work professionals can install a variety of gate equipment which includes:

  • Window Security Gates:

Window security gates are custom designed gates that encompass your window in metallic or iron bars. The custom gates prevent unwarranted entry, and can be structured to fit over any window. Our professional team can install both full sized and partial window gates.

  • Fire Exit Gates:

Fire exit gates are custom fire escape gates that are approved by the NYC Fire Department. In the event of a fire, the gates provide an accessible exit in order to ensure security and protection.

  • Standard Grill Gates:

The standard grill gates are accessible for a variety of uses from front door security to commercial store protection. The standard grills gates feature metallic railings and can be installed for both security and aesthetic value. The grill gates are durable and can be custom designed to tailor to your specific residential or commercial needs.

  • Window Gates with an A/C cage:

In the event that you require window gating but there is a per-existing air conditioner already installed, our staff can help install custom window gates with an A/C cage. The cage is shaped around the air conditioner, protecting your window while accommodating existing air conditioner systems.

  • Commercial Roll Down Gates:

Roll down gates is used for commercial settings to secure store fronts, garages, storage facilities and more. The roll down gates feature a manual push up, overhead control that allows you to pull down the security gate to protect your commercial area and push up during business hours. The gates are durable, and prevent unwarranted access.

  • Security Doors:

Security Doors are high quality doors that prevent entry into your home, apartment or office location. Ironwork Security doors are reinforced with heavy gauge steel and other metals or iron work to ensure longevity, durability and protection. Our security doors are custom made, and feature a variety of designs to provide aesthetic as well as efficient protection.

SOS Locksmith provides custom doors to service any room, residence or commercial location. We feature a variety of custom door types ranging from wood, to iron and metal. Our installation team can provide onsite evaluation of your door frame, and based on your preference, provide you with a custom designed door.

Rolling steel doors are commercially used doors that feature overhead, pull down protection for your store front or business. The rolling steel door are made of highly durable steel materials that will not degrade or easily be broken into. The doors are optimized to meet wind load requirements and can feature manual pull up or electronic control.

Child guards are crib rail covers, safety window and door gates, and general child guard products to keep your child safe and secure in your home or apartment residence. Our child guards come in different styles including finished powder coat black, brown, aluminum and white. Child guards are installed as per building or fire code regulation.

SOS Locksmith installs partitions in your home, apartment or office location. These partitions can be made of aluminum, metal and other materials for decorative purposes. In the installation of curtain gates we can include partitions in the slots so that you can see through the other side of your gates if requested.

Tree guards are custom designed fences built around the perimeter of a tree pit to create a protective barrier between the tree and everything else. The tree guards protect the tree from pet excrement, physical damage due to the barrier to prevent abrasive contact, and help to increase the lifespan of the tree.

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