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IDor Mobile With Siedle System

Idor Mobile Application with Siedle System


Hearing is good. Seeing is safer.

Taking an unmistakable close look beats asking "who is it?" every time. SOS Locksmith installs the new Idor Mobile on all Siedle video intercom systems. A video surveillance system provides a significant gain in terms of both security and convenience over conventional intercom systems. Visualization and operating displays are transformed into an indoor station for door and in-house communication. Their functions include signalling the bell tone, transmitting speech and video images, door release and a range of switching functions.


When someone presses your doorbell or call button, iDor Mobile™ starts automatically, and a real-time picture of your door appears on the screen. Press the green button on you iPhone or iPad, and you can immediately hear and speak to your visitor. To open the door, just tap "Open Door." To end the communication, tap the red button.


Video Surveillance

IDor Application NYCEven if no one is at your door, you can monitor the outside of your home at any time. In this mode, you can access all the video functions of iDor Mobile™. Just swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen to access all the switching and control functions.
iDor Mobile™ is easy to install.
The iDor Mobile™ system consists of a compact iDor Mobile controller and the iDor Mobile app.
The iDor Mobile™ controller is easily connected to the analog telephone line of your video intercom system interface.

SOS Locksmith establishes the connection with your iPhone or iPad with either a WLAN or 3G/4G network connection. Thus, the iDor Mobile™ system is available to you anywhere in your home or garden. Establishing the connection requires only a few settings on the iPhone or iPad. Typically, these include your IP address and the port of the iDor Mobile controller or external SIP provider. Once connected, you can adjust individual camera settings, the SIP Gateway, the intercom system, and all the switching and control functions.


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IDor Mobile With Siedle System