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Iron Work NYC





At SOS Locksmith in NYC we provide ironwork for offices, retail, and stores in the NY tri-state area. Our commercial iron work services department are dedicated to improving the aesthetic and quality value of your business location. For over 40 years our company has been a leading provider of iron work in New York City, establishing ourselves as pioneers in efficient and effective iron work services. SOS Locksmith we offer the sale, service and installation of custom iron work services in New York City.


For commercial clients in the NYC we provide IRONWORK sale, service and installation:


Ironwork Repair , Upgrades and Welding


Our ironwork repair services extend to all of our company's products and equipment. Our expert service team provides maintenance for installed equipment, and specifically for iron work, can provide lubrication services to prevent rusting of iron and metal materials. Our repair team can change the springs on roll up gates, replace and repair key switches, replace and repair electric gate motors, and weld damaged metals.
Our upgrade services are available to all custom work, and can help to improve the conditioning and productivity of your iron work. For rolling steel doors and gates we can upgrade manual pull up to include electric motors. These electric motorized gates operate independent of manual operation and can be effective for security purposes. We can also upgrade your custom doors, gates, guards, barriers, and partitions to ensure that you have the most up to date and serviceable products in our inventory.
Welding: Welding is the process by which metal is joined together by melting the pieces together with a gas flame or electric arc and adding a filler material that when cooled, forms a strong cohesive material. Welding can be used to strengthen your existing metal and iron work materials, or repair damaged materials. Our company has professionally trained and certified welders on staff that can assist you in the event that you require welding repair services.

Ironwork installation

Our installation team can install all of our commercial iron work ranging from custom ironwork railing to ironwork door to improve your business security, quality, and visual appearance. Our professional staff will arrive at your commercial location and determine the appropriate products and custom fittings to accommodate your specific needs. For railings, gates and doors, we determine the custom requirements based on your home windows, door, and staircase specifications. Our security and rolling steel products are specifically designed for enhanced security protection, and our commercial installation team will make sure to meet all requirements and regulations as dictated by building and government code.

For over 40 years SOS Locksmith has been the leader in ironwork in New York City, and you can contact us today for more information regarding our best iron work installation and repair services.

Call 212-206-7777 for a free consultation with regards to your iron work needs.

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Iron Work NYC