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NYC Locksmithing

Lock installation NYC style runs the gamut from budget, bare bones jobs to pricey, extravagant pieces with plenty of features. Being such a big city, you can also run into plenty of crooks. It's important to know you are dealing with a credible, licensed locksmith before hiring their services. This goes in particular for a highly technical job that may run thousands of dollars.


What's Your Locksmith Preference?

Many people looking for locksmith services are looking for emergency assistance. They may need help getting into their home, or need help changing locks because their keys have been stolen. If you are searching for lock installation NYC services, you probably are not in an emergency situation and have time to shop around.

If this is new construction or part of a remodeling effort, it makes sense to go with a company which has locksmiths as well as door technicians. Fitting a lock can be tricky, and being able to work on the door itself will be a benefit. Companies like SOS Locksmith have licensed locksmiths on staff who are also trained to work with other door hardware. At the very least, you need to work with a company that has legitimate credentials. Don't take someone's word for it. The door to your home or office protects your investments, and the lock is the first step in securing it.


Protecting Yourself from Locksmith Fraud

Make sure you get the name of the association which has granted a company's license or certification. Call that organization and check to see if the individual who will be working on your home is really certified, and ask for ID when they come to your property to perform the work.

Unfortunately, NYC has experienced an influx of locksmith fraudsters in the past few years. Stories abound of people who were quoted one price, then charged hundreds of dollars. Customers who challenged the bills were threatened and intimidated into paying them anyway. These locksmiths operated under fake business names, and gave out bad addresses and other contact information. At first, they looked legit. A little digging would have shown, however, that they were not really licensed, and not qualified to do business.


Finding the Perfect Lock

The right lock for your installation depends heavily upon your security needs, and budget. Many locksmiths companies expand their services with comprehensive security planning. A company like SOS Locksmith can help you choose a lock based on a number of factors. They can design an affordable lock system for your home or business that takes your unique risks into consideration.

A company with door technicians on staff can pair the right door with the right lock and accessories. Locksmiths with this added feature have knowledge and access to specialty products most builders overlook. These can work together to improve design, and provide more protection.


Lock installation entails much more than in the past. Advancements in security have leaped past simple key locks. Today's locksmiths are able to offer you serious protection combined with stunning architectural flare. Unfortunately, more companies can promise this than can fulfill their promises. Assess your needs, discuss your budget, and check on references before hiring any service to get a great deal, and protect your investments.

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