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Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks


Magnetic locks can be installed on many types of doors. They come in different sizes and different pounds of hold so you can accommodate how much security is needed at each door. Usually they are installed on out-swinging doors and for aesthetic purposes, magnetic locks can also be concealed within the door. Magnetic locks, however, are not limited to doors. You can also get them installed for kitchen cabinets, gates, medicine cabinets, and more. Depending on your tastes, magnetic locks can also come in custom finishes.
Many buildings in New York City have magnetic locks on their front doors. After Hurricane Sandy, it became law that doors with magnetic locks also needed a latching device.

Magnetic Lock Nyc

SOS Locksmith is very aware of rules and regulations in NYC when it comes to security measures. We will help design a lock for you that will ensure the safety of your building and comply to the building code.
SOS Locksmith has been in the locksmith business since 1973. We started selling magnetic locks as soon as they were on the market, giving up more experience than any other competitor. We offer the full package of service from selling to installing to repairing. There is nothing we can't do. SOS Locksmith will work with you to find the right combination of locks for your building because our goal is for you to be safe.

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