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Lock Re-Keying NYC



Lock Re-Keying Services NYC

SOS Locksmith in NYC offers lock re-keying services for your business, retail locksmith and Manhattan office locations. Lock re-keying is a sophisticated and specialized process through which the interior tumblers of a lock are restructured into a different shape and size, rendering any current key sets incapable of entry. As opposed to having to replace your entire latch system upon the misplacement of your keys, lock re-keying is a more effective form of protection, alleviating any anxiety regarding unwarranted entry. After the process of re-keying the locks in your commercial office is completed, you are then issued a brand new set of keys associated with the newly structured lock. Lock re-keying can also be beneficial after the firing or resigning of an employee with building access. Our professional team can re-key any lock in your office building and in the event of key misplacement or lockouts can restructure the lock quickly and efficiently.


The benefits of lock re-keying is not limited to simply alleviating concerns after losing your keys, but can also represent an effective way of controlling your basic commercial security. By re-keying your entire commercial lock system including offices, office bathrooms, front door etc. you can enforce a universal lock system. This process will render all your office locks subject to the control of a master key. By doing so you are no longer dependent on maintaining and conserving a multitude of different keys that can easily become misplaced. Our trained locksmith technicians can assist you if you desire a universal system and


Lock re-keying benefits include:

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Lock Re-Keying NYC