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Lockout Locksmith Services NYC

In the event that your find yourself locked out of your residence, SOS Locksmith in NYC offers lockout services as part of our 24/7 emergency response. Upon receiving your call, our professional staff will arrive at your residential Manhattan location as quickly as possible. We do not forcibly break your lock; instead we offer a variety of viable options to assist you in your emergency lockout situation. These options include but are not limited to lock replacement, key duplication and if necessary re-keying, and changing the structure of the lock completely.


Lock bumping is the commonly used practice by locksmiths to open your locked doors in the event of a lockout. The term "bumping" is in reference to the notion that in order to gain access to the locked door, a specifically designed key is created and inserted into the keyhole and then is "bumped" by a screwdriver or other related object. The force of the bump forces the pins inside the lock to shift into the shear line, and with the motion and torque applied to the key the lock will commence to open.


After the locked door is opened, our skilled locksmith technicians can help restructure the lock. Our technicians are capable of handling any lockout situation whether it is front door, garage, window etc. Upon arrival, our staff will determine the appropriate course of action needed to be taken to alleviate the lockout, and after analysis begin the process of assisting you. It is our endeavor to provide you with efficient coverage in handling your lockout situation and prevent its re-occurrence.


Lockout Locksmith Services NYC, SOS locksmith offers:


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Lockout Locksmith Services NYC